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This Site Is Made Possible By The Sites And Links Below

The Images on this Site that I have made, come for various sources.
It is Very Important that I give Credit where Credit is Due.
The Images and Tubes have been Created by Me using PSP7.
Some Images used are from Sites that offer Free Tubes & Graphics.
I have combined the Images to
Create the Greeting Cards and Gifts on this Site.
The whole Purpose for this Site is to Share Gifts with Others for Enjoyment.

Various Tube and Graphics Sites
Without these Sites and Wonderful People,  Rainbow Universe would not exist.
Thank you all so much for your generosity, and your creativity.
If you see your Art Work on this Site and I have not given you proper credit, please contact me.
I would love to give you credit and conform to your wishes.

Note: Some of the Links Below have been lost or the Site has Moved.
So some of the links are not working at this time.
I am trying to find the new URLs to these Sites.
But I am leaving their names to give them credit
for their work that they have freely given and is used on my site.


My Greeting Cards Pages are Provided By
My Postcards.com

I am a Proud Member of Clipart.com

Proud Member of Dreamstime,com

Poems Used for Greeting Cards.
Come visit this site for Spectacular Poetry.
Thank you for allowing others to share your Wonderful Work.
Poems Created By & © Nicholas Gordon

Memberships and Subcriptions

Proud Member of


This is a Great Site
CMG The Power Portal

Tubes From Scratch

Winter's Tubes

Native American Midies

Patriotic Tubes and Clip Art Sites that so graciously share with others.
Thank you all so much












More wonderful tube sites that offer their creative work. Thank You






This is a wonderful site for Free Websets.



Art Work used in Native Buffalo Tube with Permission


Baby Tubes by the following sites: Thank you











Some Halloween Tubes From These Great Sites
Thanks so much






Halloween and Other Tubes used from this Wonderful site

Flaming Pear

The links to these sites below no longer work, Or they have moved
but am in the process of finding them again.
Thank you all for you creations and your generosity.

Sammis Garden

Tubes Are Fun

Irene's PSP Tubes

Moodswing PSP Tubes

Stacy's Tubes

The Link has Changed But I keep the Banner up to say Thank You for your Artwork.

The Link has Changed But I keep the Banner up to say Thank You for your Artwork.

The Link has Changed But I keep the Banner up to say Thank You for your Artwork.

The Link has Changed But I keep the Banner up to say Thank You for your Artwork.

This Site Has Moved Or Is Gone Now,
But I Wanted to Say Thanks For The Use Of Some Backgrounds

The Link has Changed But I keep the Banner up to say Thank You for your Artwork.

The Link has Changed But I keep the Banner up to say Thank You for your Artwork.

The Link has Changed But I keep the Banner up to say Thank You for your Artwork.






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To the Best Of My Knowledge, All Images Used On This Site
Are From Sites That Offer Free Graphics,
If You See Something On This Site
That Is Someone Else's  Creation
 And Is Not Free to Use,  
Please Let Me Know.,  
I Will Glady Comply To The Owner's Wishes.

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